Guaranteed life insurance no waiting period

Now, clearly you are a smart cookie who is in search of life insurance policies and are not sure what may work for you. Worried that you may not qualify for a life insurance scheme due to your age or health conditions? Well, we have some super amazing news for you!

You guessed it – yes, there is a life insurance option for you regardless of your age and health status. You may know it as a guaranteed life insurance product which you can find here What makes it so incredible?

Well, anyone, just about anyone, will be eligible for this life insurance scheme. Your health and age has no bearing in you becoming its policyholder. It is the ideal solution for you if you are unable to obtain other forms of life insurance policies.

There is no catch – you just need to make sure that you are comfortable with your contractual terms and conditions that are laid out. Also, do a little extra homework and try to comprehend the intricacies of a guaranteed life insurance policy.

Are you wondering what kind of medical tests you need to take in order to qualify? Well my friend, as we stated earlier, anyone can apply for this scheme and expect to qualify. How? Simple. As a guaranteed life insurance policyholder, you do not need to take any fitness tests or medical examinations.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch in life. The drawback in procuring a guaranteed life insurance no waiting period scheme is that the high cost that it comes with.

Now, as ideal as this sounds, the only shortcoming is the cost associated with investing in a guaranteed acceptance life insurance product. That’s why if you think you can qualify for other life insurance schemes, go for those as they’re more affordable on the expense spectrum.

Which ones are we referring to? We’re referring to whole or term insurance policies.

Understanding How Long You Have to Wait

As you may know whilst doing your homework, that other life insurance companies give a timeline of two or more years. Why do they do this? To discourage clients who have terminal illnesses from procuring their product. You see, how it works is that if a life insurance product holder dies before the expiration date of his life insurance policy, then his beneficiaries can lay claim to the entire pay-out owed. He will be legally eligible to claim the entire fiscal benefit once the first premium is paid.

Who can gain from guaranteed acceptance life insurance products?

Frankly, although just about anyone is eligible for this policy but we recommend is to those between the age of seventy to eighty years. We advise that if you are unable to gain ownership of other life insurance policies, then you go for this one.

Senior Individuals

As stated earlier, guaranteed life insurance policies are awesome for those senior citizens wanting to keep their families free from shouldering any burdens in terms of final medical bills and burial costs.

Terminal Diseases

Do you suffer from a terminal illness or critical disease? If yes, first of all, please live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. Secondly, guaranteed life insurance policy is also a great alternative for you.

You will not need to worry about your family as this life insurance product will form a circle of financial protection around them. You are free to choose premiums the way you desire- one or two instalments, it is up to you.

Chronic Dilemmas

If you or anyone you know has a chronic disease, then again, we highly recommend you consider a guaranteed life insurance policy as an option for yourself. As you will know, a chronic disease can be treatable – which is brilliant news!

If your chronic illness stops you from getting a normal life insurance policy, no worries – guaranteed life insurance is something you can go for. There are no examinations of your medical condition, history nor an evaluation of your fitness. Hence, you’re good!

Shortcomings of Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Products

Yes, it is super awesome that just about anyone is eligible for a guaranteed life insurance policy – this class of life insurance product does not come without its shortcomings.

What do they include? Mostly, when we talk about shortcomings, we are referring to the expensive premiums and limited time coverage periods. You see, opting for this policy means paying out a higher cost difference as compared to different life insurance products.

But let us be honest, given the high level of risk the life insurance service provider is taking on you, it is kind of justified. After all, you are getting a great life insurance policy and gaining the ability to protect your family from any economic issues.

Please do note that the sum of benefits you will gain is not going to be tantamount to what other life insurance policies offer. But its all good, you got a life insurance policy!

How can you obtain a guaranteed insurance policy no waiting period?

Do not worry, you can obtain this policy despite your health status and age. Hey, there is no discrimination here!

The first step is that you get your hands on an application form and you will it out to the best of your ability. Do your homework and see which guaranteed life insurance policy catches your eye.

You should be able to fill out the application on the phone or online. Do not forget to give the correct spelling of your full name and make sure it matches letter for letter the way it is printed on your identification documents, such as your passport. You will also have to share the details of your beneficiaries such as their home address, bank account details and passport numbers.

Whilst you are in the process of applying, bring up any concerns or reservations that you may have. Make sure you try to comprehend the intricate workings of your life insurance guaranteed scheme. Ask all the questions you want, come on and don’t be shy. If there is any word or legal jargon you don’t understand, ask your insurance agent. There is no harm!


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